Linggo, Hulyo 7, 2013

Keeping silverfish away from your book

 Silverfish is a silver-gray wingless insect found in houses feeding on book bindings and starched clothing. Despite of its aquatic-sound name, this pest is not living in the ocean but its living on our books, magazines, papers, even in a silky or cottony clothes and etc.  If you haven’t seen a silverfish yet, it is like a silvery exoskeleton and moves like a fish. Firebrats and cockroaches are similar in shape but they differ in color. There are some of the silverfish that is dark orange and brown in color.
 The silverfish can mostly find the items that contain natural fiber.  In order to prevent and control the infestation of silverfish, just visit the website pest control services. More importantly, this pest can damage our books.  Because of this we can’t read our book completely if we need to.  These pests sometimes can make you feel embarrassed, for example: you didn’t know that silverfish is already eaten some part of your favorite dress and you wear it. You go shopping and all the people looking at you laughing and one concern person comes close to you and telling you that your dress is damaged. How will you feel about it? Are you just going to ignore it? Or you will immediately call the pest control service can help you get rid of that certain pets in your house? To learn more visit exterminators delray beach fl .

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